Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Secret Santa

We do Secret Santa every year at work and I always like to make something for my Secret Santa. I usually put some lotion or a candle in along with it but I personally like homemade gifts so of course, I enjoy giving them as well.

This is what my Secret Santa got this year:

kate 104

kate 109

It took a lot of will power to give this away.

Pattern: Sideways Grande Hat from Interweave Knits~Accessories Special Issue 2009

Yarn: Jiffy by Lion Brand in 159 Dark Grey Heather

Monday, December 14, 2009


A friend of mine (who I’ve never met or even spoken to but is dear to me nonetheless. I love the blogging world!) just had a sweet baby boy. Luckily, I was able to finish these little gems for her before he came.

kate 076

Pattern: Noggin, a free pattern found here.

Yarn: Classic Wool by Patons in Taupe

Spa by in Naturally

kate 084

Pattern: Rub-a-dub-dub Bootees, from Beautiful Baby Knits (I found this book at a used book sale)

Yarn: Spa by in Naturally

These are my first booties! I think they turned out perfect. I couldn’t get over how tiny they were!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I’m trying to become more organized. Especially here in my dungeon. I have, for the most part, everything down here organized fairly well. I have several drawer carts where I keep all my scrapbooking things, my yarn, etc. I have my fabric stash somewhat organized into long rubbermaid bins but they are overflowing. My husband is going to build me some shelves with cubby holes to transfer the fabric to. Can’t wait for those shelves!

Anyway, I love anything that makes it easy to keep things organized. Like this, for instance:

kate 073

kate 074

Pattern: Butterick B4476

I had this pattern and thought it would be nice to have. It was EXTREMELY easy to make and now all those little things I like to keep handy while sewing are exactly that. Handy.

I have another pattern for a knitting needle organizer, which I desperately need. I plan on making that, but not until after Christmas. My plate is too full so I will suffer through until then.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monkey shoes

So lately I’ve been in more of a knitting mood than a sewing mood but I’ve promised a few things that need to be sewn so I’m forcing myself to get them done.  I’ve put them off for too long. 

And so I present to you the monkey shoes.  They are seriously cute.

kate 088

kate 090

I’ve stared cutting out the pieces for the romper and hat to go with the shoes so I hope to finish those tomorrow or Wednesday.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just added

It's amazing the things you will accomplish when you are in an environment that you want to be in. After rearranging the basement, I actually want to be down there. Who knew? I've finished a hat (well, the hat has been finished for awhile, I was just dragging my feet with making the flower) and a blanket. They are now in my etsy store.

And I'm getting internet back! Can you tell how excited I am! At home, I post using Windows Live and with that program you can add watermarks to your pictures and it's just much easier than Blogger is. The Verizon FIOS people are coming out next weekend to get us all hooked up....can't wait!

Friday, November 6, 2009


My first sale off etsy!

This boppy pillow cover has been wrapped up and shipped out!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Custom items

I finished my first few custom items! A client of my husband had some fabric left over from some receiving blankets that were made for her grandson. She wanted a Boppy pillow cover and whatever I could make out of the other fabric.
I apologize for the quality of the pictures...I forgot to take some before I left to drop the things off and all I had with me was my point and shoot digital camera so they aren't up to my usual standards of photos that I post on here.

This was the fabric she gave me. It's a super soft flannel with cute little froggies all over it.

This is the back. It is so soft...I love it.

The other fabric is a cute jungle/safari print and I basically used every last scrap of it.

First, I made some little booties. You can't see it but the bottom is made with the blue ribbed knit fabric from the pants.

Then I made a long sleeved onesie. I was planning on a sleep sac, but there wasn't enough fabric for that.

I had this blue ribbed knit in my stash and it matched perfectly so I made a pair of pants to go with the onesie.

This is a little blurry (sorry) but you can see the print a little better. This is the hat.

And finally, with the last little scrap of that fabric I made a bib.

I have a few more things to make for her, including a couple rompers/sleepers, some shoes (that look like monkeys...can't wait to see how those turn out!) and a mobile.

I rearranged my sewing room/dungeon. So now it looks more like a sewing/craft room and less like a dungeon. Now it won't be so embarrassing to take pictures of works in progress, which I plan to do from now on.

Also, I've been asked to sew a bedskirt and a window treatment for another client of my husband's. Does that make him my sewing pimp? Hmmmm.... Anyway, I've never done anything on that scale before but I'm going to give it a try. The sewing is easy enough, it's just the large scale that has me a little apprehensive. I told her I wanted to try it on some scrap fabric (and I have plenty of that...I'll have to post pictures of my stash) first before I try it on the expensive stuff. More to come on that later.

Stay tuned!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just pictures time to post but here are some pictures (better late than never, right?) of some finished items. I have also finished a Boppy pillow cover and am almost done with a set of booties I made for a client. I will have pictures later this week.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Stay tuned!

Ok, I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything. I've been in a funk and haven't felt like making much of anything.
That, plus I don't have any internet at home for the moment.
But....I will be taking some pictures of some things I have made and I will hopefully be posting them (from work...shhh...don't tell!) tomorrow. Some of which will end up in my etsy store.
Also....I have a Boppy pillow cover to make for a client of my husband's. I was waiting for the fabric I needed to go on sale so I'm picking that up today and will start (and hopefully finish!) that tonight. I'll have pictures of that, too!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Some finished items

I have plans to attend a local flea market in a few weeks where I will have a table to sell some of the things I’ve made. I still haven’t bothered with my etsy store yet. Someday.

Anyway, in preparation for the flea market I have finished a few things and will be starting on (and hopefully finishing, but you know me…) a few more. Here a few of the finished items:

kate 005

A cute little sunhat.

kate 008

kate 009

Another pair of felt baby shoes. These are a pair of moccasins. I don’t like these as much as the first pair I made, but they are still cute.

kate 012

kate 014

I LOVE these shoes so much that I’m contemplating on whether or not I really want to sell them. I took the pattern I had for the felt baby shoes and modified it a little to make this pair of Mary Janes. You’ve probably picked up on the fact that I do not care for pastel colors for babies. At all. I mean, a little pastel here and there is fine but a whole wardrobe? No thanks. And I love the white, black and red combination. Especially the peep show of red. Yeah, I’m going to have to keep these for myself.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stuck in the middle with you…

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right….

Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

Gotta love Stealers Wheel.

Anyway, that is how I feel when it comes to knitting projects: always stuck in the middle. I’m really good about starting a project. Finishing one on the other hand…well, not so much. Don’t get me wrong. I do finish things. Just not very often. Here are a few bunch of things I currently have on my needles.

kate 016

This smurfalicious mess will be a hat for my husband. He gave himself a buzz cut since I didn’t feel like cutting his hair so I’m making him a wig. It’s basically a beanie hat but made with a fun fur yarn. I’ll take pictures of him wearing it once it’s finished.

kate 019

This is going to be a shawl. It’s a mohair yarn with some rainbow glittery thread mixed in. Can’t wait to see how this knits up.

kate 023

This is a baby blanket I’ve been working on for my godson. The sweet little face from this post. Keep in mind I started this blanket a few months before my friend’s baby shower. Last August. It was supposed to be a shower gift. I then said it would be a gift to him when he was born. He was born last September. Now it’s becoming a first birthday present. Hopefully. I came up with the design for this blanket myself and once it’s finished I will be happy to share the pattern.

kate 024

This is another baby blanket that I’m making for myself. I’m in no rush to finish it seeing as I have no baby in my future. Not yet anyways. I just love the colors in this yarn.

kate 027

kate 029

This is how far I’ve gotten on the babylegs I started back in April. I think they will be too big for a baby so I’m thinking maybe I should turn it into a sock? I’ve never done socks before so what better time to learn?

kate 031

And just so it doesn’t look like I NEVER finish anything…something that is actually finished! I found the pattern for this adorable doll in this book:

kate 032

I realize she is naked and I am in the middle (surprised?) of making her a dress.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A night at the fair

Carnival 09 004a

Carnival 09 006a

Carnival 09 008a

Carnival 09 032a 

Carnival 09 036a

Carnival 09 016a 

Carnival 09 043a

Carnival 09 046a

Carnival 09 047a

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Message board

I finished something!  I know you’re excited.  I made a message board using the following items:

  • scrap piece of plywood
  • enough fabric to cover said plywood
  • enough quilt batting to cover said plywood
  • ribbon
  • decorative beads or buttons
  • staple gun
  • glue gun
  • measuring tape
  • washable marking pen
  • pins

First, I covered the plywood with the batting.

blog 104

 And used the staple gun to staple it to the back.  blog 106 blog 105

Then I laid the fabric on the table, face down.

blog 107

I trimmed the fabric to fit the board and placed the board on the fabric.  It is ready to be stapled.

blog 108

blog 109

This is how I did the corners….

blog 110  blog 111 blog 112

blog 113 blog 114 blog 115

They aren’t perfect but they are at least neat.

Now the fabric is attached, we are ready to put on the ribbon.

blog 116

blog 117

I used measuring tape to make sure each ribbon was the same width apart.  You can use whatever width looks best to you.

blog 118

You can see all the ribbons are pinned down where I want them.  Now I will flip it over and staple them to the back.

blog 119

blog 120

All the ribbons are stapled to the back.

blog 121

Next, I stapled where the ribbons crossed and made an “x” with the staples.  This gives it a quilted look.

blog 122 

blog 123

The finishing touch is the beads.  I hot glued each bead where the ribbons crossed.

blog 124

blog 125

blog 126

And there you have it!  My husband finally hung it up for me over my desk and it’s looks perfect!