Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Message board

I finished something!  I know you’re excited.  I made a message board using the following items:

  • scrap piece of plywood
  • enough fabric to cover said plywood
  • enough quilt batting to cover said plywood
  • ribbon
  • decorative beads or buttons
  • staple gun
  • glue gun
  • measuring tape
  • washable marking pen
  • pins

First, I covered the plywood with the batting.

blog 104

 And used the staple gun to staple it to the back.  blog 106 blog 105

Then I laid the fabric on the table, face down.

blog 107

I trimmed the fabric to fit the board and placed the board on the fabric.  It is ready to be stapled.

blog 108

blog 109

This is how I did the corners….

blog 110  blog 111 blog 112

blog 113 blog 114 blog 115

They aren’t perfect but they are at least neat.

Now the fabric is attached, we are ready to put on the ribbon.

blog 116

blog 117

I used measuring tape to make sure each ribbon was the same width apart.  You can use whatever width looks best to you.

blog 118

You can see all the ribbons are pinned down where I want them.  Now I will flip it over and staple them to the back.

blog 119

blog 120

All the ribbons are stapled to the back.

blog 121

Next, I stapled where the ribbons crossed and made an “x” with the staples.  This gives it a quilted look.

blog 122 

blog 123

The finishing touch is the beads.  I hot glued each bead where the ribbons crossed.

blog 124

blog 125

blog 126

And there you have it!  My husband finally hung it up for me over my desk and it’s looks perfect!


  1. Looks fabulous! Congrats on finishing your project :)

  2. Seriously - so freaking cute!! If I wasn't so lazy I would totally make one!