Monday, April 13, 2009

Felt baby shoes

You’ll probably notice a theme developing here. I make a lot of baby stuff. No, I don’t have any children but have been trying for quite some time, hence the whole baby theme. Anyway, I’ve just finished (well, one anyway) baby shoe. I think (and that’s all that really matters, right?) it’s the cutest thing EVER! I plan to put these on my Etsy store when they are done. It’s empty (my “store”) now because I want to put several things on there at once. I think it will look better. Enough about that. Check out the shoes….errr, shoe.

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I can just picture a fat little foot wearing this. There will be a tie that goes through the eyelets…I just need to get some more embroidery floss. I think I will use the chocolate brown for the tie. Neither the blue or the green would look right.

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  1. Kate!!! That shoe is the MOST adorable friggin shoe I ever laid my eyes on! How the HECK did you make that!?? You are quite the talented crafter. I can see myself buying stuff from your etsy site already!(I LOVE ETSY!)