Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy little bee

Ok, so I am not really that little but I have been busy.  Mostly with work but I have finished a few projects.  I think that is another reason I like making baby stuff.  It’s usually small and somewhat quick to finish. 

I finished the felt baby shoes and did another pair as well.  I don’t have pictures of the second pair yet but check out the finished red ones.

kate. 075

kate. 077

kate. 081

I also found a cute sunhat pattern and made one and am almost finished with another one.  I will try to get those pictures up on Wednesday. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Felt baby shoes

You’ll probably notice a theme developing here. I make a lot of baby stuff. No, I don’t have any children but have been trying for quite some time, hence the whole baby theme. Anyway, I’ve just finished (well, one anyway) baby shoe. I think (and that’s all that really matters, right?) it’s the cutest thing EVER! I plan to put these on my Etsy store when they are done. It’s empty (my “store”) now because I want to put several things on there at once. I think it will look better. Enough about that. Check out the shoes….errr, shoe.

blog 094

blog 096

blog 098

I can just picture a fat little foot wearing this. There will be a tie that goes through the eyelets…I just need to get some more embroidery floss. I think I will use the chocolate brown for the tie. Neither the blue or the green would look right.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival in D.C.

This past weekend my husband and I hopped on the metro to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.  We had  both been to D.C. before but had never seen the Cherry Blossoms or the monuments so we took a look at both.  The Cherry Blossoms were at their peak blooming weekend and they were BEAUTIFUL.  The perfect shade of the palest pink.

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 004  

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 015

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 016

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 018

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 032

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 037

I took a bunch of pictures of the monuments too, but they weren’t as interesting as the flowers.

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 054

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 070

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 100

After all the fun (not so much though…it was REALLY windy) outside we headed down the mall to check out the Museum of Natural History.  We passed the prettiest tulips on the way.

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 144

The museum was pretty crowded but we managed to see most of what we came to see.  The 3D IMAX was awesome!  I didn’t get to go inside the live butterfly garden but that’s ok.  I saw this neat mosaic in the Western Civilizations exhibit.

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 183

What I was really interested in seeing was the orchid exhibit.  It was inspired by Charles Darwin’s work on evolution.  Pretty interesting.  And pretty, too.  The lighting was dim so I used a very high ISO which made for noisy pictures.  It was that or use the flash and wash them out.  I chose noise.

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 210

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 240

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 251

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 254

DC - Cherry Blossom Festival & Smithsonian 268

I took a ton of pictures but these were some of the better ones.  We plan to head back to D.C. in a few weeks to go to the National Zoo.  Just waiting on some warmer weather.  I don’t think I’ve been to that zoo since I was in middle school.  Should be a fun day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ever hear of babylegs?  They are little leg warmers for babies.  

Baby Legs

Aren’t they cute?

I think they are.  I’ve found patterns online to make them from a pair of adult socks but I wanted to knit a pair for my friend’s baby boy.  I couldn’t find a knitting pattern online so I decided to wing it.  I just started but so far this is what I’m planning to do:

  1. Cast on 50 stitches onto three DPN (size 3).
  2. Knit 1x1 rib for 5 rows.
  3. Stockinette stitch for however many inches the baby’s leg is.
  4. Knit 1x1 rib for 10 rows. 

I may tweak it a little after I get started because I was thinking about tapering the bottom of it but it will be hard seeing as how it’s ribbed.  We’ll see.

This is what I’ve done so far. 

blog 084     Not much.

I’m going to make it stripey.  I’m not so fond of DPNs but there’s no way around them for this project.  Although, my aunt did come up with a technique called, “The Magic Loop” that involves a 40 inch circular needle but 1. I don’t have a 40 inch circular needle (I haven’t seen them in stores, only online) and 2. I’ve never tried it before and I’m kind of afraid to try it (shhh…don’t tell my aunt!).  Someday.  Just not today.

Stay tuned to see how they progress.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring shoot with the kiddos

It’s starting to look a lot like spring here in Maryland.  I am a preschool teacher and we’ve been talking all about spring this week.  Yesterday was so pretty that we took the kids on a spring walk.  They were to look for things that are signs of spring and I would take pictures.  When we were done, we all went on the playground and I continued my impromptu photo shoot.

woods cdc spring 09 003

woods cdc spring 09 014      

woods cdc spring 09 022

woods cdc spring 09 024

woods cdc spring 09 027

woods cdc spring 09 140

woods cdc spring 09 174

woods cdc spring 09 186

woods cdc spring 09 191

woods cdc spring 09 188

woods cdc spring 09 199

woods cdc spring 09 254

woods cdc spring 09 276

woods cdc spring 09 339

woods cdc spring 09 394

I am NOT a professional photographer in ANY way.  I just love taking pictures and when I think I’ve got some good ones, I like to post them here.  I’ve never taken any classes but I’ve done a little reading (books and online).  Books are ok but I’ve found the lessons from MckMama to be extremely easy to follow and understand.  Plus, I just love her blog.  Her pictures are so bright and clean.  I just love them!