Monday, May 25, 2009

Themed photography: Eyes

I don’t know if any of you have checked out Nathan Lawrenson’s photography blog yet but you definitely should.  I like it because he’s an amateur photographer so it’s not so intimidating.  Recently, he started doing a theme of the week and you can leave a suggestion for what it should be in the comments section.  He picks one and then has the rest of the week to shoot, edit and post the pictures.  Well, this week he chose my suggestion, eyes.  So, therefore I had to post some pictures this week.  Since it was my idea and all.

So here are my favorites from shooting earlier this week.  I do most of my “shoots” at work.  I am a preschool teacher and have a classroom full of willing participants.  One boy in particular (the blue-eyed brown haired one) loves to have me take his picture.  As soon as I get out my camera he manages to weasel his way in to almost every picture.  “Ms. Kate, take a picture of me!”  “Ms. Kate, take a picture of me with (insert any name here).”  It’s quite cute.

woods cdc 448a     

woods cdc 456a

woods cdc 460a

woods cdc 477a woods cdc 477b

woods cdc 482a copy

woods cdc 492a

I purchased Photoshop Elements not too long ago and as you can see, I’ve been having fun messing with my pictures.  There is still a TON of things to learn but so far I really like it.

I know I’ve been dragging my feet about posting pictures of some of the projects I’m working on but I’ve been busy working and stuff.  Sigh.  I really need to carve out some “me” time so I can actually finish some projects.  I’m great at getting them started but finishing them is another story.