Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something just for me!

I love to knit but rarely do I make things for myself.  I found a pattern for a lovely cowl and just couldn’t resist.

kate. 170a

kate. 173a

I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this pattern!  It was so easy!  It was my first foray into cables and I couldn’t have picked a better pattern to learn from.  I also learned how to do a provisional cast on as well as the kitchener stitch to give it an invisible seam.  The casting on was no biggie but the kitchener stitch….not so much.  Actually, I think it turned out ok, I just got my stitches twisted.

kate. 175 

See?  Well, when I’m wearing it, you won’t see.  I’ll just make sure to keep the seam in back.

Pattern:  Burberry Inspired Cowl Neck Scarf

Source:  A free pattern found here.

Yarn:  Cascade 128 Superwash in Summer Sky 1910

Ravelry link:  here


  1. Oooh very nice! Looks nice and warm :)

  2. Ok, you have TOTALLY inspired my to learn how to knit! The hat and booties you made for baby Kell are sooooooooooo cute!! I love all your stuff on here. Any suggestions how how to get started?? I have NEVER knitted and know NOTHING about it, but I am willing to learn! I really love homemade stuff and want to make stuff for my kiddos!!