Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Felted slippers

I stumbled across these little gems while reading Yarn Harlot. I thought they would make perfect gifts for my mom and my mother in law for Christmas. I had never felted before but thought that it couldn’t be that hard.

The slippers knit up fairly quickly and the felting wasn’t bad either but I think I took them out too soon because they ended up being too big. So the size 7s I made for my mother in law were given to my mom who wears a size 10. It’s ok though….my husband’s side of the family doesn’t really exchange gifts so it worked out.

kate 141

Pattern: French Press Felted Slippers

Source: French Press Knits blog

Yarn: Paton's Classic Wool - I lost the band but it's obviously a light gray

Ravelry Link: here

I do plan on making these again, for myself of course! I have some robin’s egg blue wool and some scarlet red alpaca blend that are begging to be knit. I just can’t decide which color to make….


  1. Ooh make both! They are lovely! :)

  2. You are ridiculously talented.

    I'm going to come live with you until you teach me how to sew and knit and kick Martha Stewart's ass!